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The Miami rideshare accident attorney at Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. has decades of experience fighting back for injury victims. Some rideshare companies make recovering compensation a challenge. However, our legal team has the knowledge, experience, and resources you want when going up against some of the largest providers in the rideshare industry and throughout Florida.

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Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. Holds Rideshare Companies Accountable

It might be challenging to navigate Miami if you are inexperienced with the area. Fortunately, ridesharing services within the city provide an economical means of transportation. However, they can also result in Miami uber lyft accident injuries caused by negligent rideshare drivers.

The Miami rideshare accident attorney at Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. will hold South Florida liable uber lyft parties accountable, including:

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • iRyde
  • SuperShuttle
  • Other companies

Our uber lyft legal team will handle the full legal process on your behalf so that you get the compensation you deserve. Whether you were a passenger, driver, or in a vehicle struck by a rideshare service, our team is familiar with the rules and how to secure a fair settlement and insurance claim.

Miami Rideshare Accident Statistics

Miami Rideshare Accident Statistics

The growth of rideshare industry in Miami is one of the fastest growing in the country with a boom that included 10,000 more rideshare drivers in two years. By 2019, an astonishing 0.3% of Americans over age 18 were self-employed contractors in the rideshare industry, commonly as an Uber driver or Lyft driver. Both companies also incentivized their drivers with bonuses for completing larger numbers of trips within a structured window of time, resulting in common causes where an Uber driver or Lyft driver is frequently speeding and working exhaustive shifts to maximize their numbers.

The explosion in the number of rideshare vehicles puts more traffic on Miami streets. When dozens of Miami uber lyft passengers who would have otherwise ridden together on a single city bus now drive in dozens of separate vehicles, roadways become cluttered. Not only that, but most uber lyft rideshare drivers cruise the streets even when they are not actively transporting passengers but awaiting a ride request. A study suggests that rideshare vehicles are responsible for a 3% increase in the number of traffic-related deaths. Accidents, gas usage, and newly registered vehicles have all exploded in numbers since the rise of ridesharing. Between 2018 and 2019, Florida saw over 152,000 car crashes with injuries, a significant number of which occurred in the Miami-Dade area.

If you have been injured in an Uber accident, an experienced Florida Uber accident attorney at Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. can help navigate your injury claim.

How Dangerous Are Miami Roads?

Miami is a busy town for residents and those visiting Florida’s iconic spring break location. Along with the steadily rising numbers of people living, working, and visiting the Miami area, there’s also been an increase in traffic accidents, making Miami-Dade County the state’s region with the highest accident rate. After a noticeable decrease during the pandemic, traffic quickly began rebounding in 2021, with a significant increase in fatal car accidents. There were 350 car accidents with fatalities in Miami in 2021.

Compensation Is Available for Negligent Rideshare Accident Injuries

After a serious accident injury, medical bills are sometimes the main challenge, especially if you spend time in a hospital. However, these losses give you the legal standing you need to hold liable parties accountable through a negotiated settlement or litigated civil court award. One of the informed Lyft accident attorneys at Sharmin & Sharmin can help hold the liable insurance company or rideshare company accountable.

Our Miami rideshare accident attorney has helped injury victims recover:

  • Current/future medical costs
  • Current/future wages and benefits
  • Wrongful death awards (for beneficiaries)
  • Physical pain and suffering damages
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Punitive damages (rare)
  • And more

As in any other car collision, the motorist at fault is accountable for your financial and physical damages. Initial medical expenses will be covered by PIP. If your injuries are substantial and exceed the serious injury threshold, you can initiate a lawsuit against the negligent parties for pain and suffering damages.

Multiple Parties May Be At Fault for Your Harm

We will seek out all liable parties if you hire us to represent your case. However, compensation varies according to the specifics of each situation and the liability of each party involved.

Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. will determine if you can pursue any of the following individuals:

  • Rideshare companies
  • Rideshare driver
  • Property owners
  • Third-party motorists
  • Mechanic shops
  • Construction companies
  • Government institutions
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Other liable parties

For example, our Florida Lyft accident lawyer will hold the liable Uber Lyft driver or insurer accountable for injuries they have caused you. While money cannot erase your memories, it will help you cover the current and future losses that you did not cause.

Who Do Miami Rideshare Accidents Impact Most?

Who Do Miami Rideshare Accidents Impact Most?

Rideshare accidents largely impact a specific demographic in Florida. Despite the large population of retired and elderly residents in Miami and throughout the Sunshine State, rideshare apps are a tool used by primarily younger travelers. A PEW research study shows that 18-29-year-olds are 7 times more likely to use Uber and Lyft than seniors of age 65 and older. This is due to the following:

  • Younger users are more familiar with app technology
  • Younger people are more likely to require rides after drinking with friends
  • Young adults are less likely to have their own cars 

The median age of rideshare users in the United States is 33 years old. Younger users are more likely to use rideshares and more likely to experience a Miami car accident over years of using this form of transportation.

Miami’s yearly influx of young visitors during spring break greatly increases the overall number of rideshare vehicles on the roadways and the number of car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents associated with rideshare vehicles in the spring.

Uber/Lyft Insurance Coverages in Florida

Large rideshare app companies like Uber and Lyft distance themselves from liability in car accidents involving their vehicles by maintaining their status as an app-only platform that serves to connect passengers with an Uber driver or Lyft driver that is not an employee, but an independent contractor. However, they do provide protection by mandating that their contracted drivers maintain special rideshare insurance coverage. These policies are complex, and different amounts of protection are in place depending on the stage of the rideshare experience when an accident occurs:

  • When a driver uses their vehicle for personal reasons, their own Florida PIP insurance is in place
  • When a driver has their Uber Lyft app turned on and is awaiting a passenger request, the special coverage is in effect and provides up to $25,000 in property damage coverage and $50,000 in personal injury coverage per person or $100,000 total per accident
  • When a driver is engaged in driving to meet a contracted passenger and throughout the trip to transport a passenger to their destination, the next tier of coverage is in effect, proving up to $1 million in injury and property damage coverage.

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