Kevin Rajabalee, Esq.

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Picture of Attorney Kevin Rajabalee

Hello! I’m Kevin

I’m honest and hardworking guy who loves to fight for Consumers. I love giving a voice to people who can’t seem to be heard in the courts and are at risk of having their rights pummeled by a big powerful and wealthy corporation.

I never thought that I would pursue law school. But, after three years of teaching I was ready for a new challenge. Law seemed like the smart thing to do because of some of common sayings I heard, like “it will open other doors for you.” Next thing you know, I was approaching my last semester of law school when I was told I would not get financial aid based on a recent credit report that showed I had a serious delinquency.

I knew what it was. In 2007, I helped my parents refinance the house I grew up in because they needed help. They fell on hard times like most people during the mortgage crisis, which meant they could not pay, and my credit took a hit. Thankfully, I made it through that last semester with scholarships and extra financial support from relatives. I passed the Bar in 2013, but could not get admitted for another two years because of my credit history. I hired a lawyer, went to a hearing, and told the board of examiners everything. After a long and drawn out process, I was finally admitted.

Because of my personal experience with credit issues, my work has aligned with my purpose and creates true fulfillment for me. My passion carries over into my work for my clients. I take pride in helping out the little people of this world, I do not like bullies and I am not afraid to work hard and put it all on the line to get the right result. On “Fight Day”, I will be prepared…

“I know I am solid and sound… My foothold is tenon’d and mortis’d in granite…”

WALT WHITMAN 1819-1892