About Our Firm

Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. was established in 2008, we are a boutique law firm specializing in civil litigation.

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Our practice areas include representing individuals who have sustained catastrophic personal injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries that necessitate surgical intervention, orthopedic injuries including displaced bone fractures as well as broken joints.

We have experience aggressively litigating cases in both State and Federal courts in Florida. The head of firm, Eiman Sharmin is a board-certified civil Trial attorney and litigator with considerable jury trial experience.

Our law firm is a boutique law firm, where we limit the number of cases that we accept responsibility for.  To us that means we sometimes have to decline cases than don’t meet the firm threshold for admission, and while we do have a referral program for those cases that don’t meet the first admission criteria experience has taught us that more cases doesn’t always means better quality of work.

For those clients that are, admitted to the firm we will do our very best to leave no stone unturned and extend all effort to prepare their case for trial. For most injury cases that we admit to the firm that means getting a life care plan which is a detailed report documenting all the client’s future medical needs, an accident reconstructionist to help the jury understand how the accident occurred and a vocational evaluation report which will detail the expected total loss or anticipated reduction in the future wages of our client for presentation to a jury at a jury trial.

At the outset of a case we will attempt to investigate the case without delay so that evidence is not lost or destroyed. All too often a case can linger while a busy attorney is unaware of key evidence disappearing or being destroyed until it is too late. At Sharmin & Sharmin we keep our total case number manageable so that we can be better prepared to manage our client’s case quickly and effectively.

We believe that it is difficult to know what the best potential settlement offer in the case is going to be until we have done everything there is to do to prepare the case for trial and we are ready willing and able to try the case. When that moment comes, the best potential settlement offer tends to appear… either the client gives her or his consent to settle the case or we go forward and try their case to verdict.

We always support the client in their decision to settle or move forward with trial. It is their case; it is their life – we will do everything possible to make all options available to the client in their time of need.

This is one life out here, and it is short. If you’re going to spend it, spend it caring for someone, be brave, make a difference for someone or something that needs you… there is a reason why good feels good because it is, be good and do something you can be eternally proud for

– Eiman Sharmin

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"We have experience aggressively litigating cases in both State and Federal courts in Florida."