Eiman Sharmin 

Courtroom Lawyer 
Phone: 1-844-SHARMIN

Hello! I'm Eiman 


I'm a trial lawyer.  My life mission is to build an organization dedicated to doing God's work by representing people who have been treated unjustly. It's a lifetime project  and I am grateful to devote my life to this cause. 



Guide my heart toward justice

So that I may never be mislead


Enable me to be always steadfast in my loyalties

So that I may never leave your clan


Perfect my manners

So that I will be a reflection of you


Fill me with your honesty

So that I will always remain strong


Give me the faithful heart

So that I may never waiver form the path


Shield me with your valor

So that your enemies may know you are with me


Endow me with Self control  

So that I may never be tempted to fall


Keep patience as my companion

So that I may always arrive on time


Remind me of my humility

So that fear will never enter my heart



Sharmin & Sharmin P.A. 

Senior partner in charge of trial works and chief litigation counsel. My job is to get the cases ready for trial and  win. 



Miami Public Defender's Office 

I was a CLI at the Miami Public Defender's office. I represented the poor and the indigent who were accused of crimes.  I learned that any criminal lawyer always has just one client, her name is Burden. The burden of proof at which point the government can reach over and take someone's freedom away.  


Juris Doctorate 

Syracuse College of Law

I wasn't the most studious law student to be honest.  I just wanted to get out already and start practicing.  That being said, I met my wife there and I got a law degree.  All in not too bad for three years. 


Bachelor's Degrees(3)

Virginia Tech

I graduated with a three separate bachelors degrees, one in Psychology, one in Economics, one in Political science and I even picked up a fourth major in Bio-Chemistry. Blacksburg was great. Lots of southern food and fishing. 


High School Diploma


I went to an all boy private high school in Alexandria, Virginia.  The Principal Mr. Al,  was a solid guy. I miss him sometimes. Other than that I'm happy that's over!

Past Results

My law firm while under my leadership and at the behest of my my labor has recovered Many Tens of millions of dollars for those I was fortunate enough to serve, my clients.  I have worked hard to level the playing field between the poor, the defenseless and the forgotten against the rich and powerful. I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to attempt in my own flawed way to serve him thus far and I pray that he forgives my mistakes, protects me from my flaws, which are countless, and allows me the opportunity to try and continuously improve my skills and character in order to serve his people so as to protect their dignity to the best of my ability.

Disclaimer: The above recoveries represent Automobile and premises Liability cases mostly with one or two exceptions. Most of the recoveries were by way of settlement - There are no verdicts without recovery here. The amounts represent gross recoveries before attorney fees and medical cost deductions. Attorney fees and medical costs are covered by the settlement or award recovered – this means if we don’t win a settlement or verdict for your case, you don't owe us anything. Please keep in mind every case and every client is unique. You may or may not obtain the same or similar results in your case.