We help small firms and solo injury lawyers get full value from their injury cases through litigation. We can file and fund the cases from start to finish. Let us put you on a level playing field with insurance defense by bringing our courtroom experience to bear for you. 

Make a Referral...

Referral fees up to 33% with Court approval 

You are not alone.  We are able to review your file with you and give you a complimentary opinion on different aspects of the case. If we mutually determine that a referral is warranted, our next step will be to meet with the client. Even if a case is not a good candidate for referral, we can still review the file and give you perspective on it.

Auto Accidents 

Auto accidents are common but litigation can  help you stand out and get more value for your case and protect your client. Let us do a free case evaluation for you.

Premises Liability

Many times premises cases involve unique issues of law relative to preservation and spoliation of evidence. Let us help you gain leverage over insurance defense counsel.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases often require a special level of attention and effort due to the complexity of damages. Let us help you protect your client from inadvertent mistakes. 

Send an e-mail

You can send an email to mail@sharminlaw.com and get a download link for you file. Once the file is reviewed, we will call you to schedule an appointment. 

Give us a call

You can schedule a time to talk to me before you send your file. Oftentimes, the referral lawyer will feel that there are unique aspects relative to the file that need to be discussed.

In Person Meeting

For new referral lawyers, the best option is an in-person meeting to determine if a referral relationship is suitable. Call to schedule lunch or


Our Greatest Advice for Referral Lawyers 

By far the greatest advice I have to give to referral lawyers is to be mindful of their case selection. Case selection is key or case "de-selection" is the single most important tool a lawyer can utilize to increase the quality of their life. 

Eiman Sharmin, Esq.